Non Emergency Medical Transportation Contracts

Non-emergency medical transportation (NEMT) is an essential service for individuals who cannot transport themselves to medical appointments due to physical or mental disabilities. It is a growing sector in the healthcare industry, with an increasing demand for NEMT services. Consequently, many organizations are seeking NEMT contracts to provide such services to patients, particularly in rural areas where public transportation is scarce. This article explores NEMT contracts, what they entail and how to secure them.

What are NEMT Contracts?

NEMT contracts are agreements between healthcare facilities, government agencies and transportation providers to provide transportation services to individuals who require non-emergency medical attention. The contracts cover a range of services, including ambulance transport, non-ambulatory transport, taxi services, and wheelchair transport. The contracts outline the obligations of both parties, including the service duration, costs, insurance requirements and performance standards.

Securing NEMT Contracts

Securing NEMT contracts requires careful planning and research. As with any procurement process, it is essential to understand the requirements of the prospective client and tailor your proposal to meet those needs. Often, NEMT contracts are awarded through a bidding process, where providers submit their proposals to the client. A well-crafted proposal that demonstrates the provider`s capability to meet the client`s transportation needs is critical in securing a contract.

In crafting the proposal, the provider should highlight their level of experience, quality of services, and their ability to meet customer needs. The proposal should also contain detailed information on the provider`s safety record, insurance coverage, and licensing and regulatory compliance. Additionally, the provider should provide a clear pricing structure that outlines the costs for each service offered and any additional fees that may apply.

Benefits of NEMT Contracts

NEMT contracts offer several benefits to both healthcare facilities and transportation providers. For healthcare facilities, NEMT contracts provide a cost-effective solution to transport patients to and from medical appointments. It allows them to allocate their resources to provide quality medical care, while the transportation provider handles non-medical aspects of patient care. Moreover, NEMT contracts improve patient outcomes by ensuring timely access to medical appointments, which is critical for individuals with chronic conditions.

For transportation providers, NEMT contracts offer a steady stream of revenue and the opportunity to expand their operations. It also allows them to provide a valuable service to their community, particularly to those who would otherwise have limited access to medical appointments.


Non-emergency medical transportation contracts are critical in ensuring that individuals with mobility challenges have access to timely medical attention. Healthcare facilities and transportation providers can benefit from these contracts by providing quality services while meeting their respective business objectives. Securing NEMT contracts requires careful planning and a tailored approach that addresses the needs of the client and the patients they serve. Overall, NEMT contracts are a win-win for all parties involved and are set to grow in demand as the healthcare industry continues to evolve.